A message from The President – Bob Ryan

To our loyal Peel Thunder members 

Well, it is incredible to think back just a few months ago to when we were anticipating the start of the 2020 season, and to ponder how quickly things changed when the COVID-19 disaster first struck.

 It was difficult enough to digest the possibility that footy may not be played for the foreseeable future. Difficult decisions had to be made and many people were impacted.

The Club had to come out the other side of this pandemic year, and we have.

As we approach season 2021, we are determined, united, and focused on getting our footy right. We plan to continue to build our Club to be something great, based on the strong foundations that have been established over the past years. We trust in the expertise and experience of our football department and we must - and will - give them the time and resources to get this right.

To do this, even though things seem extremely tough, we need the continued support from everyone who has a passion for the Peel Thunder Football Club.

The club needs you now. 

Every member, past and present, has a role to play in our future. 

I want to thank each one of you who has renewed your membership for 2021, we appreciate your support. 

We need a strong member base, bigger than ever before,


Bob Ryan

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